The Science Fiction Outreach Project

Started in 2011, The Science Fiction Outreach Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is leading a co-operative initiative to promote literacy, share our love of the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre, and attract Science Fiction book readers to fannish activities, such as the World Science Fiction Convention, but also to other conventions, gatherings and clubs.

We go to comics conventions and find the book readers!

Experience from events in San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and elsewhere has shown that book fans do attend comics conventions! We want the book readers. We want to find the fans who like books and want to discuss them, and then let them know of the World Science Fiction Convention (we always go to a comics convention near where the Worldcon will be later in the year), local conventions, Hugo Award winning fanzines like File 770 and Journey Planet, and other aspects of science fiction fandom.


As people look for a book our team will be there to chat, enthuse, and talk about Worldcons and SFnal activities; we will have bookmarks, flyers, and other things to be used to show people during 1 to 1 conversation what is going on and hopefully ignite a latent interest in our sort of hobbies and activities.

Each year we create bookmarks, and place one in each book.  The bookmarks have information on Worldcon, local conventions, and groups that sponsored us either through book drives or financial donations.

Additionally, as we are all book enthusiasts, our other goal is promoting literacy and reading, especially the SF/F genre.  We feel giving away free books will encourage people to read, find new authors, and perhaps open up a new genre that they will enjoy and further explore.

Would YOU like to help? 

We need books.  Lots and lots of books!  Science Fiction, fantasy, and related genre books are what we are looking for.

We accept both second hand and new books!  Donate your books and they won’t just be recycled, they will be the lure for new fans. They will help promote reading and literacy.  They will go to a good new home.

Hardbacks or paperbacks – all are welcome.  We ask only that they be in readable condition.

Additionally, financial support is always welcome. We are a 501(c)(3) corporation, so both your financial and book donations should be tax deductible (we aren’t attorneys or accountants, so please consult with yours to be sure).

We appreciate the support that has been shown to us from year to year from fans, organizations, and bookstores, and look forward to support again this year and in the years to come.